Benefits of taking Revit Architecture Course from Architecture Design Institute in Delhi

Revit Architecture is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software tool utilized by architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, plumbing engineers, and others. It enables individuals to create, edit, and review detailed 3D models. If you aspire to learn Revit Architecture and pursue a career as a Revit architectural professional, enrolling in a Revit Architecture […]

Building Pad in Revit: Important Points to Note

Hello readers, This is Diya Gupta. I am Pursuing architecture course in Delhi at CAD Training Institute in Rohini, Delhi. So far, I’ve learned a lot here. I started from Photoshop, AutoCAD then moved to 3ds Max, Drafting, and finally Revit. With the help of this blog, I’m going to add few important points related […]

Most useful techniques and tools in Revit for beginners

Autodesk Revit is a very powerful name among the CAD software applications in the fields of engineering, construction and architecture. It is an essential tool for building information modeling (BIM), which allows architects and engineers to design, visualize, and simulate a building project in a 3D environment. Revit has a range of tools and features […]

10 most useful commands in Revit Architecture

Useful commands in Revit architecture depend on each stage of the project. At the beginning, when drafting the floor plans for example, there is more use of commands from the Modify tab like Align, Trim and Move. Whereas, in the latter stage of the project when you must put it on the sheets and make […]