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Best AutoCAD Courses for Civil Engineers

Courses offered by CTI in Civil Engineering by perfect Civil Training.

Powerful AutoCAD Course For Civil Engineers

Duration of AutoCAD Civil Training course1½ Months

AutoCAD master is a 1½ months specialize course. it is specially designed for Civil Engineers. This AutoCAD civil training course has an ability to  mutate an individual into AutoCAD Civil expert. In this course students will grasp advance features and techniques like accurate drawings setup, geometry creation, printing and plotting functions, 3D modeling and imaging, Customizations and integrations, etc.

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Revit Structure

Duration: 2 Months

This course will introduce the concept of BIM and will cover the basic building model, drawing sheets, schedule, plans and details. It will cater to users who want to master Revit Structure. They will learn how to create accurate foundation plans and framing plans. The primary objective is to minimize the repetitive modeling, drawing and detailing task and obtain error free coordination between Architects structural engineer and drafter.

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