Duration: 1½ Months

The Revit Structure Building Information Model (BIM) combines a physical representation of the building completely connected with a detailed representation. This regular, calculable building model is utilized for structural outline, drawing production, and coordination and drives outsiders’ structural examination applications. The software is best suitable for structural engineering firms, furnishing industry relevant tools for structural design and analysis.

Revit Structure course at CAD Training Institute (CTI) is spread across one month duration. The Revit Structure course is a complete course in itself and is best suitable for professional engineers and technicians who want to upgrade their knowledge. At CTI students will be trained on latest version of the software and given extreme practical training.


Candidate should be (10+2) or equivalent thereto. Candidate must have a good knowledge of AutoCAD software and experience of working on construction sites would be an added advantage to you.


1. Introducing Revit Structure
2. Using Wall in Revit Structure

  • Wall Structural

3. Using Column
4. Using Beam
5. Using Level
6. Using Grid
7. Beam System in Revit Structure
8. Understanding Foundation

  • Isolated
  • Wall
  • Slab
  • Structural Foundation Slab
  • Floor Slab Edge

9. Knowing Opening

  • By face
  • Shaft
  • Wall
  • Vertical
  • Dormer

10. Model in Revit

  • Model Text
  • Model Group
  • Model Line

11. Grasping Component
12. Stairs and Railings
13. Mastery Reinforcement in Revit

  • Rebar
  • Area
  • Path
  • Fabric
  • Cover
  • Column
  • Wall
  • Beam

14. Grasping Truss
15. Insert in Revit Structure

  • Link Revit
  • Link CAD
  • Manage link
  • Import
  • Import Cad
  • Image
  • Manage Images
  • Import Family Types

16. Grasping Annotate in Revit

  • Dimension
  • Detail
  • Text
  • Tag
  • Keynote
  • Color Fill

17. Knowing Analyze

  • Loads
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Analytical Model Tools

18. Collaborate in Revit

  • Worksheets
  • Synchronize
  • Coordinate

19. View in Revit Structure

  • Graphics
  • Create
  • Windows
  • Sheet Composition

20. Manage in Revit Structure

  • Settings
  • Project Location
  • Design Options
  • Manage Project
  • Phasing
  • Selection
  • Inquiry

21. Creating Sections in Revit Structure
22. Grasping Schedule/ Quantities
23. Mastery Family
24. Conceptual Mass in Revit
25. Mastery Camera
26. Rendering the Projects
27. Final Printing and Publishing
28. Projects & Assessment


Our institute provides timings and mode for training of Revit Structure Course to each and every one. We have classroom and online training facility with very flexible timings. Early morning, late evening, and weekends classes are also available for Revit Structure Course.


Revit Expert, Revit Designer, Revit Structure Professional etc.

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