Duration: 6 Weeks

Google SketchUp is most widely used 3D Modeling computer software designed for architects, interior designer, mechanical, and civil engineer, as well as graphics artists for film and video game design. It is a ideal software for both students and professionals, who are interested in 3D modeling.

Our Instructor will teach you from the fundamentals till advanced techniques of Google SketchUp. In this course, you will learn about navigation tools, so that you can orbit, pan and zoom around your model, then create a simple house with a few drawing and modification tools too in early classes.

After getting the concept of navigation tool your work accelerate towards creating a more detailed house with some drawing and the follow-me and offset tools. To create reference edge, tap measure tool can be also used. You will also learn about offset and push/pull tools, copy objects and, finally, paint surfaces etc, during the course.


After completion of the Google SketchUp course, you will be aware about it’s features and functions which are very important, during the designing different models. You will also learn separation of model using groups and components. It’s help you to understand surface of your model, edges and other features.


  • Introduction
  • Interface in GoogleSketchUp
  • Objects Manipulation
  • Drawing
  • Measuring and Labeling
  • Components
  • Scenes Organizing
  • Creating Textures and Materials
  • Rendering and Animating
  • Creating Terrain Using Sandbox
  • Using Photo Match and Google Earth
  • SketchUp Pro: Creating Dynamic Components
  • SketchUp Pro: Working with the Solid Tools
  • Project

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