SketchUp VS 3ds Max

In a market where there are tons of software available in the industry, Autodesk has established itself as a big name in the industry. Today, architectural designing tools has become a vital element for millions of architects and engineers worldwide. Thatswhy we have come with topic SketchUp vs 3ds Max to give right direction. Today […]

Know! What is 3ds Max Used for?

­­3ds Max an amazing computer graphics software for designing of 3D digital images, 3 Dimensional models as well as animations. It is very popular software among 3D artists as the tools available in this are something that makes it exceptional. It is developed and owned by Autodesk. Also, it is highly used software among game […]

Why an Architecture Designer should Learn 3ds Max?

When computers were first brought into existence, the main purpose for which they were used was limited only to basic computing work and nobody then knew that computers, at some point, will become an essential part of our life. Now, every sphere of our life is dominated by these digital applications. Take any industry across […]

Which is better after AutoCAD Training for an Architect, Revit or 3Ds Max?

Numerous designers invest even more time in front of their computers than they would certainly like. Luckily, updates to drafting as well as building modeling programs are helping in reducing the variety of hours invested behind the desk. This article highlights the features of 2 additional programs in the collection: Revit and 3Ds Max. To […]